Fan Zhang
Assistant Professor
Anschutz Medical Campus

The Anschutz Health Science Building P12-62651890 N Revere Ct. Aurora, CO 80045

Dr. Fan Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Center for Health AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Dr. Zhang's Computational Omics and Systems Immunology (COSI) lab focuses on developing and using statistical machine learning methods and single-cell multi-omics to study immune-mediated diseases. Specifically, we decipher disease-associated pathogenic phenotypes from large-scale single-cell multi-omics data modeling, and integrate datasets cross-disease cross-tissue to identify shared and unique molecular targets which provide new insights into disease etiology and drug repurposing. Dr. Zhang's lab develops and uses statistical machine learning methods, single-cell multi-omics, and systems immunology to study inflammatory diseases. 

Dr. Zhang attended Jillin University in China and recieved a B.S in Computer Science in 2009 and a M.S. in Bioinformatics in 2012. Zhang then obtained her Ph.D. in Computational Biology at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2017. Zhang then did her Postdoc research at Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (2017-2021).

Research Areas

  • We develop statistical machine learning and scalable and accurate computational methods for single-cell multi-omics data to study patient heterogeneity for translational research.
  • We decipher pathogenic cells and molecular mechanisms for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases using cutting-edge single-cell multi-omics integrative algorithms.
  • We integrate cross-disease tissue-blood high-dimensional molecular and cellular datasets to identify shared/unique phenotypes which provide new insights into disease etiology and drug repurposing.