Carter Tillquist
Student Alumni
Computer Science

Carter received a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Mathematics from Lafayette College in May 2014. He is rostered in the Department of Computer Science. His rotations were with Dr. Robin Dowell (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology), Dr. Manuel Lladser (Applied Mathematics), and Dr. Aaron Clauset (Computer Science). Carter is co-advised by Dr. Manuel Lladser and Dr. Robin Dowell. Currently he is working with Dr. Manuel Lladser on developing mathematically sound methods of generating machine learning features from symbolic biological data. IQ Biology has allowed him to develop a deeper understanding of the data that he works with, given him access to interesting and diverse perspectives, and has allowed him to maintain connections outside of computer science. Carter graduated in Spring 2020.


Metric Positioning Systems for Machine Learning: 7th Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (BCB), Seattle, WA (Oct. 2016)

Robust Transcriptional Data Analysis: Combining RNA- and GRO-Seq: Butcher Symposium, University of Colorado, Boulder (Nov. 2015)

R.C. Tillquist, L.G. Shoemaker, K.B. Knight, A. Clauset, "The evolution of primate body size: Left-skewness, maximum size, and cope's rule," bioRxiv, 2016.