Ry McCracken

Ry is a Senior Adjunct Professor, Southwest Minnesota State University and an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma State University. He is an historian specializing in the history of science and medicine in the United States. He is currently, writing a book about juvenile delinquency, eugenics, and sterilization at a girls’ reform school in Kansas. 

Ry has taught the American history survey as well as courses on the Gilded Age, Modern Civ 1500-present, American Thought and Culture, and WWII. In addition to teaching he has served on the executive committee of the Minnesota State faculty union and as chair of the statewide contingent appointments committee. He lives in Minnesota with my wife, cats, and turtle. 

Book title: “The Incorrigibles: Eugenics and Sterilization in a Juvenile Girls’ Reformatory”