Robert Martin

Robert J. Martin is an enrolled member of the Makah Indian Tribe in the State of Washington. Academically trained with a law degree from the George Washington University National Law Center in Washington D.C.; he has over thirty years of professional experience in the fields of tribal, energy and environmental affairs. He has represented the policy interests of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes as Director of Law, Policy and Governance. In addition, as coordinator of all government affairs for a Washington D.C. law firm he represented the policy interests of Indian tribes nation wide.

Robert has also served as the National Ombudsman for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. under three different Presidents (George H.W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush) for approximately ten years. Serving as the Agency’s designated expert nonpartisan official, he independently investigated, at the request of Congress, the Executive Branch; American communities and industry sectors and environmental groups; complex environmental problems at sites across the United States including the World Trade Center, Yucca Mountain, Couer D’Alene Basin, and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Shattuck sites in Colorado.