In Search of the Elusive Dignity

May 21, 2018

In 2018, that wondrous human quality named “dignity” has been keeping a very low profile.

CU Boulder to host Denver political pundit Eric Sondermann

April 26, 2018

Denver-based political commentator Eric Sondermann will be presented by the University of Colorado Center of the American West in “The New Normal: Conflict, Polarization and Incivility: An Evening of Conversation about Local, Regional and National Politics.”

Stapleton Name Change Discussion Heating Up

April 22, 2018

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Concerned community members gathered at a room in Stapleton to talk about whether the name of the neighborhood should be changed.

Environmental History of the High Rockies

April 21, 2018

Original article can be found at Office of Outreach and Engagement In this CU on the Weekend lecture, Thomas Andrews will explore the deep history of human-environment interactions in the Colorado River headwaters region of Rocky Mountain National Park from the end of the last ice age through the present...

Pushing Boundaries: Center of the American West gives interns a home where opportunities roam

April 18, 2018

Torrey Davis has counted red flour beetles, noted the location of nesting sites of red-tailed hawks and studied zooplankton in Iceland and Greenland. RJ Mooney is taking courses in environmental public policy and Native American studies.

Campus Q&A: The Scholarly Approach of Prize-Winner Sarah Krakoff

April 13, 2018

Original article can be found at CU Boulder Today Originally published on April 13, 2018 CU Boulder last month named professor Sarah Krakoff the 2018 recipient of the Hazel Barnes Prize, the most distinguished award a faculty member can receive from the university. Among her distinguished work teaching students and...

What Does Healthy Poudre River Do, and for Whom?

April 7, 2018

Thomas Hornsby Ferril, Colorado journalist and one-time Colorado poet laureate wrote, “Here is a land where life is written in water, The West is where water was and is.”

How The ‘Grand’ Became The ‘Colorado’ And What It Says About Our Relationship To Nature

Dec. 20, 2017

Pull out a map of the United States’ desert southwest and see if you can locate these rivers: Rio del Tizon, Rio San Rafael, or Rio Zanguananos. How about rivers named Tomichi, Nah-Un-Kah-Rea or Akanaquint?

Good books stoke youthful visions, perspectives

Dec. 9, 2017

It cannot be argued that it is normal to pretend to be starving on the American prairie. Yet as a child, this is precisely what I did, and perhaps in that I am not alone. Blame those serial troublemakers, the authors of good books.

With monument reductions, Trump enflames century-old debate

Dec. 4, 2017

President Trump unleashed the latest salvo Monday in a long-running battle over how America’s public lands should be treated.