Honey Ashenbrenner
Art Director • Marketing & Communications Specialist

Honey Ashenbrenner (Honey Lindburg) has been with the University of Colorado Boulder as a Art Director/Marketing and Communications Specialist since 2003 and loves almost every minute of her job. She leads a great group of full-time staff and student employees in the Center of the American West’s events office, to bring you the events and publications that you love.  In her designs, she strives to push the envelope, and welcomes new challenges with enthusiasm. She is extremely frugal and loves to see how much money she can save the Center while still creating the best image, products, and events possible. These efforts have contributed to her winning several national design awards and her creative talents being sought after by many throughout the university and beyond. Honey received her B.A. degree in Fine Arts Photography, from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Certificate in Technology, Arts, and Media (TAM). She loves learning and is always taking new courses to broaden her skills and continue her professional development.