Desert Submarines: Idaho’s Naval Reactors Facility, 1946-Present

Ariel Schnee is the Program Manager of the Public Lands History Center at Colorado State University and holds a Master's degree in Public History. Her research addresses the histories of American public lands and their intersections with the environment, race, ethnicity, and gender. Her public history projects include oral histories of civilian and veteran operators at the Naval Reactors Facility for the U.S. Navy and the development of cultural resources management chapters for the stewardship management plans of Eldorado Canyon State Park, Fishers Peak State Park, and John Martin Reservoir State Park in partnership with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. She is the author of "Pioneer, Indian, Cowboy, Rabbi: Jewish Summer Camping in Colorado," which appeared in the Summer 2021 issue of The Colorado Magazine. When not writing or researching about public lands, she enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, and skiing on them.