If You Go
Date: September 5, 2012
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Old Main

The Center of the American West is proud to announce the release of A Ditch in Time: The City, the West, and Water, written by the Center’s very own, Patty Limerick with Jason Hanson.

Water holds an under-exploited capacity to show the connections tying together distant places and seemingly unrelated groups. This book traces the history of water in Denver, using this case study to explore important and often under-recognized patterns in regional and national history. Energized by a quality of wit and humor rarely encountered in books about natural resources and bureaucracies, and enriched with photographs and maps, this book raises questions of consequence about the complex relationship among cities, suburbs, and rural areas, the crucial role of engineering in shaping the West, and the varying roles of contention and cooperation, litigation and negotiation, at work in the control of water.

Followed by a reception, book sales, and book signing in the Heritage Center, located on the top floor of Old Main.