If You Go
Date: February 16, 2012
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Glenn Miller Ballroom

Modern Indian Identity

The Center of the American West invites you to a special Modern Indian Identity Event featuring multi-talented artist, activist, and public speaker, Bunky Echo-Hawk.

Historically, many tribes would spend the winter months recounting the year’s hunting and battle exploits. A tribal artist would facilitate the group’s stories, interpreting multiple perspectives of an incident, and applying the group’s true story on a stretched hide, creating a painting for the people.  The painting would stand the test of time as a snapshot of their lives and relationship to the universe.

Bunky Echo-Hawk will recreate this experience in an Interactive Live Art show on the CU Boulder Campus. FREE and open to the public.


The Center of the American West’s Modern Indian Identity series features contemporary Indian speakers telling their stories in ways that confirm the compatibility of tradition with innovation. The speakers have profound ties to their peoples’ pasts, and they have also adapted with agility and enterprise to the conditions of our times.