If You Go
Date: May 21, 2021
Time: 12:00PM (MT) / 2:00PM (ET)
Where: Virtual

David Skaggs and Scott McInnis forged a close and enduring friendship in the Colorado House of Representatives, where they served together from 1987-1983. They carried that camaraderie forward when they went on to serve together in the U.S. House of Representatives.

They joined us virtually for an afternoon of discussion about their friendship as they engaged in a wide-ranging conversation about issues on which they agreed, disagreed, and half-agreed. The Center of the American West’s Faculty Director and Chair of the Board, Patty Limerick moderated the conversation.

Scott and I have enjoyed a warm and respectful friendship for over 30 years. We were always colleagues and fellow Coloradoans, first; political party considerations intruded only occasionally. But “party” in those days was a very mild version of what it is today. Scott was a straight shooter whom I could and did trust. When we encountered differences, we were usually able to work them out. I recall especially a time when I’d worked with Scott on a public lands issue which he pursued after I’d left the House. When it eventually came up for debate on the Floor, he still gave me generous credit for the work I’d done. That experience was typical of the working relationships and the courtesies that used to prevail.

-David Skaggs

David and I sat on opposite sides of the political landscape but we never exchanged a cross word even in light of the passion we both shared.  You could not help but be drawn to his sincerity as a person, one who is a listener, and who really, really cared. I felt privileged to have served with David for many years. His integrity and love for our Nation was never questioned. But to know David makes one wish we had so many more with his character and to doubt those shoes can be filled again.

– Scott McInnis

This event is part of the Center’s “Bipartisanship (and Friendship) Happen!” series, which brings pairs of accomplished and dedicated public officials together to talk about their determination to extend the ties of shared enterprise and friendship across the divisions of recent times.

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