If You Go
Date: August 11, 2020
Time: 10:00AM - 11:30AM
Where: Virtual


The Colorado Scientific Society, in collaboration with the Center of the American West, presents Water & Energy in Colorado. The four-day virtual symposium, hosted by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, focused on the science and cultural issues at the interface between water and energy in Colorado. Moderated by Patty Limerick, water and energy specialists together with insightful commentators on Colorado’s present challenges and future opportunities, highlighted some of the most important issues facing our community today and in the future. The emphasis will center on science that frames these topics, but also will incorporate cultural contexts and identify common ground and collaborative opportunities.

Patty Limerick
Patty Limerick, Ph.D.
Center of the American West, Director


Laurna Kaatz
Laurna Kaatz, Ph.D.
Denver Water; Director, Climate Science Policy, and Adaptation Program

Title: Providing Drinking water to Colorado

Jeff Lyng
Jeff Lyng
Xcel Energy; Director, Energy & Environmental Policy

Title: Building a Carbon-Free Future

Eric Kuhn
Eric Kuhn
Colorado River District; General Manager (retired)

Title: West-Slope Water Use, Trends, and Issues in the Age of Climate Change

Bruce Finley
Bruce Finley, J.D.
Denver Post; Senior Staff writer

Title: Reckoning