Event Date: February 6, 2020
Event Time: 6:30PM
Event Location: CASE's Auditorium

Moderated by the Faculty Director of the Center of the American West, Patty Limerick, this panel featured speakers with backgrounds in politics, energy, advocacy, and psychology including:

• The Principal of Adamantine Energy and former head of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, Tisha Schuller,
• The former Republican Congresswoman who pioneered the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989, Claudine Schneider,
• An expert in political psychology, CU Boulder Psychology and Neurosciences Professor Leaf Van Boven, and
• a Conservative Fellow from Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Dan Palken.

This diverse set of voices engaged in a one-of-a-kind discussion that offered insights into the barriers to climate progress in the United States, while also helping to illuminate the steps we can take to overcome those barriers.

This event was FREE! And open to the public