Event Date: Apr 18, 2019
Event Time: 6:30pm
Location: Benson Earth Sciences, Rm 180


From the Pages of BlackPast.org: Six African American Women You have Never Heard of Who Changed the West (and the World)

In this lecture, Professor Taylor examined six little-known black women whose experiences helped challenge and redefine the basic narrative of the black historical experience. He explored how BlackPast.org changes the narrative of African American history by making available to a global audience significant people, places, and events. 

The Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Memorial Lecture is a free speaker series celebrating Lucile Berkeley, whose parents were emancipated slaves who settled in Colorado in 1882. Lucile Berkeley Buchanan Jones was a lifelong educator, a visionary who stood up against injustice, a woman of faith, and a firm believer in the electoral process. She graduated with a BA in German from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1918 and taught high school in Arkansas, Kansas, and Illinois.