Event Date: October 04, 2016
Event Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Benson Earth Sciences 180

In 1966, nine young men left the Arizona desert mining camp of Morenci to serve their country in the far-flung jungles of Vietnam. Ultimately, only three survived. Each battled survivor’s guilt, difficult re-entries into civilian life, and traumas from personally experiencing war—and losing close friends along the way. 

Drawing on personal interviews and correspondence that sheds new light on the Morenci Nine, Kyle Longley has written a book as much about loss, grief, and guilt as about the battlefield. It makes compelling reading for anyone who lived in that era—and for anyone still seeing family members go off to fight in controversial wars.

Kyle Longley is the Snell Family Dean’s Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science at Arizona State University and author of Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam and In the Eagle’s Shadow: The United States and Latin America.

This event was co-sponsored by: The Center of the American West, the American Music Research Center, the Office of Veterans Services, the Conference on World Affairs, Program in International Affairs, and the CU History Department.