Hands-On human induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC) Culture Training


The Stem Cell Research and Technology Resource Center offers hands-on training in the culture of human iPSCs for Basic and Translational Research

The course includes a hands-on iPSC culture workshop suitable for those with prior experience in mammalian cell culture or no prior cell culture experience. The workshop aims to quickly give you the skills and knowledge to start independently and confidently growing your iPSCs and undertaking iPSC-based experiments. Topics include:

•          Isolation and reprogramming of iPSC, Transfection systems.

•          Cell engineering and gene transfer, CRISPR.

•          Maintenance of human iPSCs (feeder-dependent and feeders-free conditions).

•          Expansion (enzymatic, non-enzymatic solutions, and manual techniques) of iPSC (feeder-dependent and feeders-free conditions).

•          Banking (feeder-dependent and feeders-free conditions).

•          Cryopreservation and thawing of iPSCs (feeder-dependent and feeders-free conditions).

•          Differentiation, assessment of differentiated human iPSCs, and available kits  

•          3D organoid culturing.

•          Characterization and release testing.

•          Preparation of common feeder-free cell culture substrates Matrigel, Geltrex, CELLStart, Vitronectin, etc.

•          Preparation of standard human iPSC media (feeder-dependent and feeders-free conditions).

•          Resource to purchase iPSCs lines and request services.

•          Sterile technique, preventing contamination, and mycoplasma testing

•          And more!


For questions about training and user fees, please contact the Center.