The CU Boulder Stem Cell Research and Technology Resource Center offers CU Researchers and Industries the following services:

Biosafety Cabinets (24/7)

·       Biosafety Cabinet with lab supplies and some consumables

·       Biosafety Cabinet without lab supplies and consumables

*It is allowed to work with any human cell line, except human Embryonic Fibroblast nor human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Fluorescence Microscopes (24/7)

·       Inverted Fluorescence Scanner Microscope (Olympus IX83) with live-cell time-lapse capabilities (Live and fix cell imaging in monolayer or suspensions, organoids, embryos, organotypic slides, etc.)

·       Sterile dissection hood equipped with a dissecting Olympus CKX53 microscope and heated/CO2 stage for work with live cultures and live/fix imagine.


iPSC lines

•    Thaw iPSCs 

•    Expand and Freeze iPSCs

•    Mycoplasma Testing

•    Surface stem cell markers


iPS Cell Line Request

The Core has several established human Fluorescently and non Fluorescently Tagged Human Induced Pluripotent Cell Lines for purchase for research purposes. Please contact the director for available cell lines.



•    Cell Proliferation Assay

•    Media changes 

•    Live culture of iPSC lines

•    Fresh Matrigel/Vitronectin/Geltrex pre-coated plates 

•    Generating iPSC cell pellet

•    Monthly core usage charge


Other Cell Services

•    24/7 Remote Cell Culture Monitoring (Olympus Provi CM20)

•    Co2 Shaker with remote controller-Organoid's derivation

•    Nucleofector 2b Device – Transfection system

•    Olympus IX83 Microscope Training

•    Olympus CKX53 Microscope Training

•    Olympus Provi CM20 Training

•    Consulting



Vial or box for 100 Cryoviales (Price per month or year)



•    Media

•    Supplements

•    Serum

•    Matrices

•    Small molecules

•    Cytokines


Professional Development

hiPSC training: Over 26 hours of training course. 

It is focused on working with hiPSC in basic and translational research. Lecture topics and hands-on training include iPSC generation and characterization, growth, maintenance, cryopreservation, thawing of hiPSCs, and generation of iPSC-derived cell lines and organoids.


Custom Services

Please contact the Core director if you require custom services not listed above. We will do our best to accommodate you!