Stem cell center user using a microscope to inspect cells.The CU Boulder Stem Cell Research and Technology Resource Center is a campus-wide shared facility that promotes interdisciplinary research utilizing stem cells.

Promoting Stem Cell Research

Stem cells hold great promise for a number of biomedical applications. This includes serving as models to further our understanding of complex biological processes, such as development and disease, to serving as tools for repairing and replacing tissues in the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine. Some of the biomedical problems being actively addressed on the CU Boulder campus include cancer, heart and skeletal muscle diseases, human reproduction and congenital disabilities, neurological disorders, diabetes, the microbiome, mitochondrial diseases, immune system abnormalities, infectious diseases, and the role of genetics and epigenetics in many diseases.


Human stem cell iPSC colony. Please contact the Center to find out how you can get started using this shared facility! The Center is available to non-profit academic researchers and for-profit groups as well.


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Acknowledging the Center

Please be sure to acknowledge the Center in publications with a statement such as: “We acknowledge the Stem Cell Research and Technology Resource Center and its Director, Mayela Gayosso (Ph.D.), at the University of Colorado Boulder for the use of the Center space and advice with our iPSC research.”