EVOS 7000





  • Outstanding image quality and versatility with a 5-position objective turret, 4-color LED fluorescence and transmitted light channels, and 3.2 MP CMOS color and B/W cameras. 
  • Fully automated X/Y scanning stage, autofocus, and acquisition routines. 
  • High-speed image acquisition (scanning, Z-stack, and tile-stitch,  2D/3D- deconvolution, visualization, and analysis). 
  • Time-lapse live cell imaging (control of temperature, gases, and humidity). 
  • Image analysis (cell segmentation and quantification with the optional Celleste™ Image Analysis Software). 
  • High-quality automated fluorescence imaging.
  • Full automation of the precision X/Y-stage movement; changing of the 4 LED fluorescent light cubes, 5-position objective turret, focus, and exposure; and switching of the dual camera. 
  • Can program to run well-plate scanning, time-lapse experiments, and tile-stitch/montage area scans in Z-stack and/or time-lapse modes in your vessel of choice. 
  • Versatile and highly configurable with a 5-position objective turret and the ability to simultaneously acquire images in four fluorescence channels plus transmitted light. 
  • An extensive suite of tools for acquisition, visualization, and analysis. 
  • Smart LED illumination technology. 
  • Easy to use and reliable!


Olympus IX83

Olympus IX83

  •  Fully automated multidimensional observation (X, Y, Z, and time) of live and fixed cells, organoids, embryos, organotypic slices, tissues, etc.
  •  Z-stack images.
  • Automatic focusing with multiple objective lenses. Time-lapse acquisitions can easily be created for high-magnification and multipoint observation.
  • Bright field, phase contrast, or fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, TRITC). 
  • Fast image acquisition and overlay to view samples with multiple fluorescent lenses. 
  • Automatically scanning multiple points at regular time intervals provides a steady stream of quantitative data in live cultures and organotypic slices.



Olympus CKX53

Olympus CKX53

  • Phase-contrast.
  • 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x magnification.
  • Bright field, phase contrast, or fluorescence (DAPI, FITC, TRITC). 
  • Quickly acquisition and overlapping of images to view samples with multiple fluorescent lenses. 


Olympus Provi-scanner

Olympus Provi

  •  Automatically scanning multiple points at regular time intervals in culture vessels provides a steady stream of quantitative data about the health and confluency of cultures remotely.
  •  No need to stain or peel the cell cultures to check cell growth status.
  •  Remotely alert when the culture approach confluency and is ready for passage.
  •  Easy storage, reuse, transfer of data, comparison with past results, or data captured under different conditions.


Neon NxT Electroporation System


  •  Transfect even the most challenging cell types with high efficiency, cell recovery/viability, and reproducibility.
  • Transfect cells quickly with an easy three-step workflow, a single buffer kit, and an intuitive user interface.
  • Precisely optimize electroporation parameters for different cell types, cell densities, payloads, and electroporation protocol.
  • Minimize sample transfer loss and contamination risk.
  • Video: https://www.thermofisher.com/us/en/home/life-science/cell-culture/transf...


Nucleofector 2b Transfection System


  • Efficient transfection of hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells.
  • Easy adjustment and configuration of parameters.


Automated Cell Counter - Countess II FL and Countess 3


  • Highly accurate and precise brightfield and fluorescence cell counting.
  • Clump cell count.
  • Automatic lighting and focus adjustment for optimal contrast and resolution.
  • Automatic saving of cell counts and data.
  • The software includes convenient built-in pre-dilution and cell-splitting calculators, especially for stem cell culture work.
  • Time to count two samples (sides A and B) ~1 minute


Incubator Shaker CO2


  •  Organoid growth.
  •  Permanent conservation inside an incubator, which allows easy access and assembly.
  •  Easy adjustment and configuration of RPM and time.
  •  Plates, dishes, and flasks stick to the surface, even when quickly shaken.


Evos Microscope


  •  Quick and easy observation of cell cultures without the need to use eyepieces. 
  •  Objectives at 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x.
  •  Easy change of the aperture to adjust the desired viewing conditions.
  •  High-quality LED display.
  •  Easy image acquisition and storage during cell culture work.


Lucetta 2 Luminometer


  • Cell proliferation Assay.
  • Cytotoxicity Assay.
  • Luciferase reporter gene assay.
  • Mycoplasma Detection Assay.


ThawSTAR® CFT2 Automated Cell Thawing System


  • Thawing Time: Less than three minutes


E1-ClipTip Bluetooth Electronic Multichannel Pipettes

multichannel pipettes

  • Enhanced accuracy and precision. Automate daily 96-and 384-well microplate pipetting
  • Two operating options (step-based Matrix or Presets with settings for most common applications)
  • Storing 30 of the most common Matrix or Presets protocols with a specific name. 
  • Customize the main menu view by organizing the icons of preferred order or creating favorite programs and pipetting functions.
  • Connect the pipette to the My Pipette Creator app conveniently via Bluetooth**
  • Choose a volume range from 0.5μL to 1250μL: 
    • Single channels
    • Multichannel with 8, 12, or 16 channels in 96 and 384 formats
    • Adjustable tip spacing multichannel with 6, 8, and 12 channels in 96 and 384 formats.


Thermo Fisher Scientific HERAcell Vios 160i incubators

  •  Remote temperature and CO2 levels monitoring ensure an optimal culture environment for cell cultures (normoxic and hypoxic conditions).
  •  Copper interiors provide an antimicrobial surface to avoid contamination and cell death.
  •  Normoxic or Hypoxic Conditions.


Biosafety cabinets with or without lab supplies and some consumables.

For questions about lab equipment, please contact the Center!