Upcoming seminars:

May 4, 2021*

* Note this is the first Tuesday of the month 

End-of-semester research project presentations from the SURE Fellows!

  • Antonio Salcido-Alcántar Jr (CU Boulder; Robin Dowell's Lab): "Studying Down Syndrome using disomy/trisomy iPSCs and hypoxia perturbation response"
  • Fathima (Zahra) Thathey (CU Boulder; Chris Link's Lab): "Tau in Alzheimer's Disease: Examining the upregulation of HSPB8 and GFAP in Tau knockout iPSCs"
  • Isaiah Shurtleff (CU Boulder; Teresa Sander's Lab): "Electrophysiological and transcriptional characteristics of Parkinson's Disease neurons"
  • Erica Mia Wong (CU Boulder; Xuedong Liu's Lab): "Examining dopamine uptake and release: Studying PINK1 in Parkinson's Disease"
  • Jasmine E. LeFevre (CU Boulder; Kristi Anseth's Lab): "Devising biomaterial-based strategies to exert enhanced extrinsic control over intestinal organoid growth, symmetry breaking, and crypt patterning"

Previous seminars:

April 13, 2021
  • Jingjing Wang (Northwestern; Rui Yi's Lab): "MiR-205 promotes hair follicle activation by weakening cell adhesion and Piezo1 mediated mechanosensitivity"
  • Julie Moreno (Colorado State University; Moreno Lab): "Adipose derived mesenchymal cells as a treatment for prion disease"
  • Lindsey Broadwell (CU Boulder; Leslie Leinwand's Lab): "The ancient gene MYH7b encodes a long non-coding RNA (lncMYH7b) that has profound effects on cardiomyocyte function"
March 9, 2021
  • Tom Cast (Colorado State University; Soham Chanda's Lab): "An autism-associated mutation impairs neuroligin-4 glycosylation and enhances excitatory synaptic transmission in human neurons"
  • Adam Heck (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center): "Investigating novel factors regulating hematopoietic stem cell development via CRISPR/Cas9 and an engineered vascular niche"
  • Xinyi (Cindy) Fu (CU Boulder; Leslie Leinwand's Lab): "Do mutations in different myosin domains use the same mechanism to cause cardiomyopathy?"
Feb. 9, 2021
  • Chris Link (CU Boulder; Link Lab): "Assaying global neuronal activity in astrocyte/neuronal co-cultures"
  • Evan Lester (CU Boulder; Roy Parker's Lab): "iPSC-derived cortical neurons and their applications in neurodegenerative disease research"
  • Quinton Smith (MIT; Sangeeta Bhatia's Lab): "Harnessing physiological forces to drive stem cell fate and function"
Dec. 8, 2020
  • Brad Olwin (CU Boulder): "Employing SYNGLE to lineage trace skeletal muscle stem cells"
  • Samira Musah (Duke University): "Human stem cell-derived organ chips for disease modeling"
  • Jessica Westfall (CU Boulder): "An isogenic trisomic-disomic model to study effects associated with a stress-induced condition"
Nov. 10, 2020
  • Samuel Hunter (CU Boulder): "Tracking transcriptional regulation during early mouse iPSC reprogramming"
  • Erica Castillo (University of California Santa Barbara): "Tuning the biochemical and biophysical microenvironment for hiPSC-CM cell-matrix mechanobiology"
  • Omar Farah (ThermoFisher Scientific): "Optimizing stem cell workflows to build better disease models"
Oct. 13, 2020
  • Edward Lau (CU Anschutz): "Mapping the cardiac secretome using human iPSC models"
  • Eyal Karzbrun (University of California Santa Barbara): "Human organoids on-a-chip as a model system for neural tube morphogenesis"
  • Kimberly Metzler (Allen Institute): "The Allen Cell collection and more"
Sept. 8, 2020
  • Matthew Taylor (CU Anschutz): "Searching for common biological themes in uncommon (rare) disorders"
  • Alexandra Whiteley (CU Boulder): "Using induced neurons to probe protein homeostasis in ALS"
  • Amanda Haupt (Horizon Discovery): "Sneak Peek: Horizon Discovery CRISPRi Tools in hiPSCs"
April 14, 2020
  • Teisha Rowland and Gabrijela Dumbović (CU Boulder): "Telomerase in iPSCs vs. cancer cells: Single-cell imaging reveals unexpected heterogeneity in TERT expression across cancer cell lines"
  • Lily Nguyen (CU Boulder): "Investigating the effects of compromised mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis on epidermal and hair follicle differentiation."
  • Brett Peterson (STEMCELL Technologies): "The importance of cell quality in hPSC cultures"
March 10, 2020
  • Chris Phiel (CU Denver): "Connecting stem cell pluripotency, Gsk-3, and RNA methylation"
  • Matthew Seedfeld (CU Anschutz): “Translating Cell Therapy Products into Clinical Trials through the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility”
  • Ali Shilleh (CU Anschutz): "Determining the fate of stem cell-derived pancreatic β-like cells upon transplantation using genetic lineage tracing"
Feb. 11, 2020
  • Stephan Ramos (CU Anschutz): "Developing a functional patient-specific thymus in vitro"
  • Huili Li (CU Boulder): "Human iPSC-derived neural tubulogenesis"
  • Roberto Castro Gutierrez (CU Anschutz): "Protecting stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells from an immune attack"
Jan. 14, 2020
  • S. Patrick McGrath (CU Anschutz): "Stem Cell Biobank and Disease Modeling Core: Shared resources for the reprogramming, modification, and application of iPSCs"
  • Alison Swearingen (CU Boulder): "Histone modifications in trophoblast stem cell fate changes"
  • Jeffrey Jacot (CU Anschutz): "Cardiac tissue engineering for correction of structural heart defects"
Dec. 10, 2019
  • Kristen Boyle (CU Anschutz): "Umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells characterize phenotypes of infants born to mothers with obesity"
  • Lee Niswander (CU Boulder): "Using iPSCs to understand human neural tube defects"
  • Adam Heck (Colorado State University): "Mutual regulation of the RNA-binding protein PCBP2 and endogenous retroviruses in iPSCs" 
Nov. 12, 2019
  • Teisha Rowland (CU Boulder) and Peter Dempsey (CU Anschutz): "New shared iPSC resources at CU Boulder and CU Anschutz"
  • Justin Brumbaugh (CU Boulder): "The role of individual histone modifications in development and homeostasis"
  • Holger Russ (CU Anschutz): "Maturation of human stem cell derived pancreatic beta cells"