Published: July 15, 2022

Project Title: Performance Assessment of iPVC Pipe and Coupling for Large Ground Movement 

Industry Partners: East Bay Municipal Utility District, Denver Water 

CIEST Personnel: Nicholas Berty, Cory Ihnotic, Katherine O’Dell, Jessica Ramos

Primary Investigator: Prof. Brad Wham 

Year: 2022 

Project Summary: The intent of this study is to define the seismic response of iPVC pipeline systems with couplings and to illustrate procedures for interpreting laboratory results to seismically classify pipeline system performance following developing ASCE seismic guidelines. Twenty large-scale tests were performed on 6-in. diameter DR14 (PC305) iPVC pipe (C900) with five different commercially available reinforced connections. Test specimens were subjected to tension, compression, cyclic, and four point bending tests, determining the ultimate load capacity for each system in both axial and transverse directions. This study provides the first seismic classification for plastic pipe systems with reinforced connections. 

Appreciation is extended to David Katzev and Katie Ross, along with all our pipe and coupling manufacturers, for their tremendous support. 

Link to Report

broken joint

pipe in bending frame