Liquefaction of Silty Sands

Feb. 18, 2019

Full Project Title: Liquification of Silty Sands Year: 2019 Participants: April Bowman, Shideh Dashti, Joelle Westcott, Erin Nebel, Rob Drevno Summary: Liquefaction, or the generation of pore water pressure between soil grains due to seismic excitation, reduces the shear strength of a granular skeleton and is a significant cause of...

Students working

Concrete Mixing and Testing

Course: AREN 4830 - Sustainable Materials and Structures Year: 2018 Participants: Students and Graduate Teacher, Jay Arehart Summary: Students developed concrete mix designs optimized for strength, cost, and sustainability. They also employed a variety of strategies to minimize the environmental impacts of their concretes such as using supplementary cementitious materials...


Structural Testing of Steel Deck Diaphragm Assemblies

Year: 2018 Industry Participants: Prescient Co. Inc., J. R. Harris & Co., Ramtech Labortories, Hilti Corp. Primary Investigator: Dr. Brad Wham Summary: Structural assessment of cold-formed steel diaphragm assemblies was conducted in accordance with AISI S907. The cantilever-style tests were performed on 12 x 12 ft square specimens and included...

Materials previously weighed in the laboratory and ready for the elaboration of four concrete formulations

Incorporation of Metal-Laden Granular Activated Carbon in Concrete Formulations

Full Project Title: Industrial Trial with Forterra for the Incorporation of Metal-Laden Granular Activated Carbon in Concrete Formulations for the Inhibition of Biogenic Corrosion in Concrete Sewer Pipelines Year: 2018 Participants: Prof. Mark T. Hernandez, Prof. Wil Srubar III, Ismael Justo-Reinoso, Alejandro Caicedo-Ramirez and Forterra personnel Primary Investigator: Prof. Mark...

Juan Carlos Tiznado Aitken

Seismic Response with Compacted Granular Columns

Full Project Title: Seismic Response of Embankments on Liquefiable Soils Improved with Compacted Granular Columns Year: 2018 Participants: Juan Carlos Tiznado Aitken, Shideh Dashti, Hiral Gandhi, Lauren Strand, Madison Philips Summary: The main goal of this project is to investigate how the use of compacted granular columns (CGC) may help...

Camera image from inside centrifuge, looking out at Hiral Gandhi

Sandia Senior Design Test

March 19, 2018

Year: 2018 Participants: Daniel Green, David Manlove, Jordan Thoning, Nicholas Gentz, Steven Karl, Zachary Trahey, Dr. Shalom Ruben, Dr. Brad Wham, Hiral Gandhi Primary Investigator: UC Boulder Mechanical Engineering Senior Design in conjunction with Design Center Colorado and Sandia National Labs Summary: The Sandia Senior Design Team were tasked to...

shear specimen loaded in frame

Alkali Silica Reaction Expansion in Concrete

Dec. 30, 2017

Participants: Dr. Victor Saouma, Dr. Mohammad Amin Hariri-Ardebili, David Graff, Robert Sparks, Damon Howard Year: 2017 Summary: The focus of this project is to model the shear strength of concrete panels that have experienced alkali silica reaction. The end goal is to be able to derive an equation that relates...


Polyurethane Characterization

Full Project Title: Experimental characterization of visco-elasto-plastic response of polyurethanes for damage-resistant structures Year: 2016 Participants: Mohammad Taghi Nikoukalam, Prof. Petros Sideris and Derek Carpenter

A computer in the foreground shows results of a test underway in the lab

Nanoparticle Injection Technology for Remediating CO2 Leaks

Full Project Title: Nanoparticle Injection Technology for Remediating Leaks of CO 2 Storage Formation Year: 2017 Participants: Yige Zhang, Prof. Mija Hubler Sponsor: DOE-NETL

Matrix Inclusions and Fracture Toughness

Full Project Title: Experimental investigation of matrix inclusions on the fracture toughness of composite material Year: 2016 Participants: Shahlaa Al Wakeel, Prof. Mija Hubler