The Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization has an internal faculty advisory committee known as the Executive Committee and an external advisory board known as the Board of Advisors. 

By-Laws  2016-17 Annual Report  2017-18 Annual Report

2018-19 Annual Report 2019-20 Annual Report

Member City
Bruce Benson Denver, CO
Brian Domitrovic Spring, TX
David Grohne Wilmington, IL
David Hoover Boulder, CO
James Lyons Greenwood Village, CO
David Pyle Newport Beach, CA
Jennifer Schubert-Akin Steamboat Springs, CO
Ted Trimpa Denver, CO
Tina Snider Winchester, MA

Fall 2017 Board of Advisors Meeting Minutes

Spring 2018 Board of Advisors Meeting Minutes

Spring 2019 Board of Advisors and Executive Committee Joint Meeting Minutes

Fall 2019 Board of Advisors Meeting Minutes

Member Department
Daniel Jacobson Philosophy/Benson Center
Robert Pasnau  Philosophy/Benson Center
Benjamin Hale  Philosophy/Env Studies
Ken Bickers Political Science
Shilo Brooks Engineering Leadership Program/Benson Center
Michael Huemer Philosophy
Patty Limerick History/Center of the American West
Carole Newlands Classics
Scott Savage Economics

CWCTP Executive Committee Fall 2018 Meeting Minutes

Benson Center Executive Committee Fall 2019 Meeting Minutes

Benson Center Executive Committee Spring 2021 Meeting Minutes

The CTP Search Committee includes five voting members which consist of four tenured CU Boulder faculty representing Political Science, Economics, Philosophy and History and one additional faculty member. The Committee also includes five external nonvoting advisory members.