Samar Warfalli
Lecturer of Arabic • Language Lead

Samar Warfalli is a Libyan American Arabic tutor who received her degree from the University of Tripoli in Libya in veterinary medicine. During her studies at the university, Samar was able to learn to speak, read, and write in English as part of their ongoing curriculum. It wasn't until she moved to Colorado, however, that she uncovered another passion after picking up English. To teach and bridge educational gaps for students who spoke Arabic and were trying to learn English like she once did. Since then, Samar has been working as an Arabic instructor at Ellis Elementary for the last 13 years, having worked with every grade (K-5) at least twice, and having taught all levels of Arabic at every grade. Outside of school, Samar's biggest passions are her kids and the outdoors, as she loves to hike in Boulder with the family on the weekends.