avatar wearing VR gogglesVirtual reality soon to be available in The HIVE @ALTEC!

The Anderson Language and Technology Center strives to combine language learning with immersive tools and technology. What better way to do that than virtual reality! VR gives students the opportunity to reach out into the virtual world, allowing language learning to travel outside classroom walls.

The HIVE @ALTEC (CASE E380) will have two pairs of Oculus Quest 2 headsets, preloaded with games, language learning software, and cultural explorations this fall semester. Students will be able to sign up and try it out for themselves. We’re launching this spring, so stay tuned!

ImmerseMe is one of many new immersive technologies that aids in language learning, and is a program we have installed on our VR headsets. With interactive scenarios and a wide range of language options, ImmerseMe makes learning a language feel like playing a game! What else is great about this technology? It is compatible with most platforms, and can be used on mobile, laptop, and VR devices.

Photo of VR cardboard viewer and ImmerseMe platformWant to get your own account?

Whether you are taking language courses for credit or non-credit, or if you’re simply interested in learning a language, ImmerseMe is a great way to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking your target language. Available for practice in: German, Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Indonesian.

ALTEC is providing students with a limited number of FREE licenses to ImmerseMe. If you’re interested in this amazing opportunity, complete our signup form!

Questions? Email us at altec@colorado.edu. CU soon!