ALTEC is committed to exploring new language teaching models through a large-scale project to drive the instruction of languages forward. This is the core of The One Project. In the first phase of The One Project, ALTEC implemented VR (virtual reality) technology using mobile phones in several CU language courses in the Fall 2020 semester. 

In phase 1 of The One Project, students were given a Google Certified Cardboard VR-Viewer and access to a new language-specific VR educational platform, ImmerseMe. ALTEC worked closely with course instructors and implemented ungraded assignments and activities for students to be exposed to VR technology while learning a world language. ALTEC has recorded valuable feedback from project participants and has noted changes as we move forward.

In phase 2 of The One Project, ALTEC will be working directly with several language faculty at CU. We will provide access to ImmerseMe for six different world language classes in the spring 2021 semester. Thank you for our participating faculty:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Huard, Modified Language Program Instructor and Coordinator, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, MFLP SPAN 1010
  • Megan Husby, Lecturer of Japanese, Asian Languages and Civilizations, JPNS 1020
  • Dian Sawitri, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Scholar, Center for Asian Studies, INDO 1120
  • Kirsten Stauffer, Instructor and Educational Technology Coordinator, International English Center, ESL Speaking and Listening 
  • Dr. Alina Van Nelson, Senior Instructor and 2nd Year French Language Coordinator & Sara Fischer, Graduate Lead and Instructor, Department of French and Italian, FREN 3010
  • Dr. Sandrine Vandermarlière, Instructor and 1st Year French Language Coordinator, Department of French and Italian, FREN 1020

ALTEC viewer

Immersive technology such as VR has the potential to largely enhance collaboration between teachers and students, both in distance learning and classroom-based teaching. VR-based education allows students to experience high-quality immersive content that has a positive impact on the learning process while never leaving the classroom or their own home.

Are you interested in AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality) for learning about language and culture? Please contact for more information!