Maggie Rosenau Headshot
Lecturer of German

Maggie (they/she) holds a PhD in German Studies and has over 15 years of experience teaching German to adult learners. Maggie's pedagogy is student-centered, trauma-informed, disability access focused, and shaped by many years of curriculum development for individualized education as well as feminist pedagogies that value de-hierarchizing the classroom.

Their practice is particularly inspired by Dr. Mimi Khúc’s Pedagogy of Unwellness and Dr. Eugenia Zuroski’s Where do you know from exercise, which aims to create “productive spaces for thinking together across difference” and establish “mutual responsibility to respect the complexities of how we relate to one another as we learn with and from each other.” Please visit the teaching section of Maggie's website to learn more.

At CU Denver, Maggie is adjunct Lecturer of German. They also serve part-time at the Program in Jewish Studies here at CU Boulder, and are a member of the DDGC Mutual Aid Action Group.

Most recently, as ALTEC’s Learning Design Expert, Maggie produced a series of open access online learning modules/ Open Educational Resource (OER) to support student learning of Tibetan as part of a UISFL grant awarded to the Center for Asian Studies. You can explore the free, online Beginning Tibetan Language course here.

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