ALTEC continuously seeks outstanding teachers to join our instructional team. Our part-time lecturers teach non-credit classes with our language classes program, which is open to CU students, faculty and staff as well as adult community members. Applicants must be local (between Fort Collins and south Denver), as our classes are taught both in person and remotely. ALTEC hires experienced teachers who have a solid understanding of language pedagogy, can create a lively atmosphere to encourage student engagement both in and out of class, as well as are confident in or willing to actively learn technology tools and best practices for remote teaching.

There is no grading involved in our non-credit classes, so the time commitment is just in teaching, syllabus/lesson preparation and responding to students’ questions. We utilize Zoom and Canvas as primary instruction tools. Classes are typically capped at 20 students; we occasionally allow a few additional in (maximum 3) from the waitlist, when needed. Our language teachers always remark that teaching with ALTEC is wonderful because our learners are very motivated, and they get to focus on the fun parts of language instruction since there are no tests!


Our classes have traditionally met one day a week at 5:30-7:30pm on the CU Boulder campus for 10 weeks, but we have also taught classes twice a week at 12-12:50pm for 12 weeks. Our 2020 summer classes met for four weeks with two days of asynchronous work prepared by the instructor and synchronous class meetings over Zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3-4pm. Our fall 2020 classes will be fully remote, 10 weeks in length and run September 14 through November 20. Classes will meet twice a week on Monday/ Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday, with most at 6-7pm and some options at 12-1pm. This comes to 20 hours of live instruction.


ALTEC levels correspond roughly to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) levels accordingly. Please see our placement guide page for more detailed information on our levels, which are different than credited courses taught at CU Boulder. Syllabi for each language are coordinated by a Language Lead.

Beginning I Novice Mid
Beginning II Novice High
Intermediate I Intermediate Low
Intermediate II Intermediate Mid
Advanced Conversation Intermediate High/ Advanced Low


Please submit the following application materials to Your application will be reviewed when an opening for that language becomes available.

  • CV with language proficiency, teaching experience and other relevant pedagogy experience
  • Name, email and phone information of two professional references; briefly describe relationship

Please note that CU faculty and staff with a 100% appointment or CU graduate students with a 50% appointment are not eligible to teach with our program.