Published: April 17, 2020

Virtual Fridays for Faculty! Graphic banner of avatars speaking with one another.

Let’s catch up! Join us on Fridays 4/3, 4/10 and 4/17 at 3-4pm for an interactive conversation and virtual happy hour for language faculty to connect at the end of the week! Connect to our Zoom ID (look in your email for the link) at that time to decompress and laugh, share your technology goofs and spend time with those you miss.

The ALTEC team applauds your hard work over the last few weeks to transition to remote language instruction. In addition to the happy hour gathering, we've been busy putting together the following resources for you.

 ALTEC offered an online workshop “Instructing Language in an Online Environment” and created an online language instruction resources page (check out the updates!) specially for our CU language faculty and students.

 An online faculty discussion forumJoin our Padlet space to share best practices, ask questions, offer suggestions, connect with CU Boulder language faculty and more. Sign into Padlet to post on our board and comment on other posts. Note that you won’t be notified about new posts or comments, so check back frequently to stay in tune with the discussion!

We are committed to working with you during these new times and embracing challenges. Here at ALTEC we love technology, innovation, learning new paths, and above all, our incredible community of language heroes. Thank you for all you do!