Published: Feb. 18, 2020

In this two-day workshop that is focused on a communicative, collaborative and multilingual approach, you will explore innovative, fun and original activities that can be implemented easily and quickly to spark students’ curiosity, creativity and independence. Teaching with Sense(s) for the 21st Century will teach how to easily and effectively use new tools in your courses to create innovation, variety and dynamism. The final objective is to facilitate learning, promote long-term memory and increase students' motivation and interaction.

All language teachers are welcome to this workshop presented in Spanish.

Tuesday and Thursday, February 18 and 20 at 2:30-5pm

Hellems 152

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Cookies and coffee/tea will be served. RSVP below and mark your calendar today!


Professor Eva Balada - Presenter Bio

ALTEC is honored to welcome presenter Professor Eva Balada from the Universität Siegen, Germany, where she is currently teaching since 1999. Professor Balada is a renowned teacher trainer, having presented in various countries for over 20 years. Teacher by vocation, she considers herself an explorer of the teaching-learning process, is passionate about continuous learning, emotional intelligence, neurodidactics, positive thinking, suggestopedia, NLP and cognitive psychology. At  the Universität Siegen she is also the coordinator of exchange projects and practices in Spanish-speaking countries (e.g. Proyecto Ayuda a la Enseñanza en El Salvador, Argentina). Professor Balada is a creator/designer of suggestopadic and didactic materials for language, business and intercultural trainings. She enjoys reading, traveling, meeting people, learning from all of them and sharing her passion for teaching around the world.

We hope that you will join us at additional upcoming workshops and the SLA Reading Group, designed specifically for the CU Boulder language teaching community!