Associate Professor


Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Boston University, 1998
B.A., History and Political Science, University of Delhi

Regional and Thematic Interests

South Asia


I spent much of my life as a "global nomad" since my father was in the diplomatic service, and shuttled between India and various places abroad (Laos, Norway, Hungary, Malaysia, Switzerland, Panama). Although I initially thought I would study either literature or physics, the early exposure to different cultures and languages would not be denied, leading to my current interests in linguistics and cognitive science (as well as continued travel to such exotic locations as Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Piscataway, New Jersey). I received my Ph.D. from Boston University, continued as a postdoctoral fellow at Bell Labs, and went on to become a scientific staff member at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics before taking up my current position in the Department of Linguisticsat Boulder.