Published: March 6, 2019

2018 Asian Studies Graduates

The interdisciplinary major and minor in Asian Studies allow students to study the astonishing diversity of the Asian region. Information is available on the Academics tab of our website.

Asian Studies BA                                          

  • Fiona Bradley                                              
  • Alexander Brown
  • Alexander Carter
  • Lillian Poush
  • Yu Wang

Asian Studies Minor 

  • Austin Hampton
  • Tiffany Kleber
  • Emily Martin
  • Ryan Mori
  • Allison Willman

                1              2


    Japanese Studies Fellowships

    This endowment allows us to provide graduate student support to recognize and encourage the study of Japanese history, literature, and language.

    • Anna Blaine
    • Alana Brack
    • Drew Korschun
    • Miriam McConnell
    • Ji Shouse
    • Tetiana Topolian
    • Cassidy Younggreen


    Edward G. Seidensticker Memorial Endowment Fund

    Provides summer research fellowships to graduate students of Japanese studies.

    • Drew Korschun


    Asia Internship Program - Japan

    In June-July 2018, Rachel Lie, a sophomore in the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program at the Leeds School of Business, worked at Chiyoda Rubber Company, owned and managed by CU Alumnus Kazunori Takato.


    Colorado Journal of Asian Studies

    CAS is pleased to announce the publication of the most recent edition of CJAS, Summer 2018. This issue contains five papers written by recent graduates in Asian Studies (Alex Carter, Fiona Bradley, and Lillian Pousch) and by students who wrote papers for the 2018 Urban China class (Jessica Yan and Isabelle Boes). The papers cover a wide range of topics and cultures: “Spatial Expressions of Tradition and Modernity in Urban China: An Examination and Comparison of the Origins, Evolution and Presentation of Identity in Beijing and Shanghai”; “Sex Matters: Appreciating the Feminine in Tantric Practice”; “The Overseas Chinese: The Diaspora’s Impact on Local Society in Indonesia and Malaysia”; “Shifting Indigenous Subsistence Practices in Taiwan and Hokkaido under Japanese Colonization”; and “Food Authenticity as an Experiential Tourist Attraction.”
    CJAS can be accessed at