CU Boulder Career Services partners with PrivateFolio to provide file management services for students and alumni. PrivateFolioallows students to create an electronic dossier (also called a portfolio) so they can manage their important credentials documents online. These documents can include letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, writing samples, graduate school forms, dissertation abstracts, teaching certifications, student evaluations and more. PrivateFolio provides secure storage of letters and satisfies the electronic needs that students and faculty demand.

Learn more about PrivateFolio’s services through this short video.


Students and alumni can receive $20 credit when they sign up for a account using the code CUBoulder and their CU email address. After they have set up a PrivateFolio account, they can easily manage it for the actions they need (e.g., add documents, request and check for deliveries). To submit a letter click on the link provided in the email sent to you by the letter requestor, or log in as a Letter Writer at Letter writers can also retain access to uploaded documents. Your writer’s account gives you access to all documents that you have uploaded, so you can check on their status or easily make updates. 

For specific questions or solutions, visit PrivateFolio’s help desk or reach out to them at

Sample Faculty Reference Letter (National Association of Colleges and Employers, NACE)

Recommendation Letter Guidelines

As you begin to write letters for students, keep in mind there are a number of laws that impact providing recommendations and references for students. Career Services is committed to following Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and encourages staff and faculty to review these guidelines prior to writing a letter.