work internationally

International careers can be found in many different industries. Federal governments, nonprofits/NGOs, international organizations, business, finance, law and teaching are just a few sectors that offer international careers. Remember that you can have an international career and be based in the U.S.!

Begin your global job search at home

Find ways to connect internationally right here in Colorado. This might include

  • Joining an international student organization on campus
  • Pursuing academic certificates and programs in international affairs, business, etc.
  • Volunteering at local international organizations and nonprofits
  • Mentoring an international student
  • Participating in local intercultural events, conferences and festivals
  • Interning for local international organizations
  • Teaching English as a second language for local organizations
  • Intern for the State Department or U.S. companies with a global presence

Organizations and resources

    Build your international experience

    You can begin to build your experience internationally through a variety of ways, including

    Networking is key to finding a job abroad

    It’s important to focus on building a relationship with people in the country and industry in which you wish to work. You can do that while traveling abroad and also right here in Colorado.

    While abroad

    • Reach out to people in your field
    • Look for expat groups
    • Get to know local people

    From Colorado

    • Look for CU alums on LinkedIn
    • Reach out to contacts you made previously
    • Talk to contacts involved with international organizations – Use GoinGlobal to find professional associations or other ways to network

    Global job search resources

    After you’ve done the above, now it’s time to start looking for positions online while continuing to network.

    Global job boards

    Working holiday visas