Published: Sept. 20, 2022
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For many students, it’s common to feel uncertain about what the future holds. You may know what you want to do after graduation or you may have no idea, and that’s okay! College is the time to explore, try new things and learn about your likes and dislikes. 


While you’re at CU Boulder, you’ll discover interests and passions that can help you figure out plans for the future. Here are three ways to make the most of your time here.


1. Discover and explore opportunities

WIth over 75 majors and 60+ minors at CU Boulder, you have a lot of options of what to study. You also have the opportunity to customize your academic experience by adding a major, minor or certificate to what you’re already studying. 


If you’re considering changing your major, or adding a second major or minor, use these tools to narrow down your options:


As you explore, check out programs from a different lens as well. This can help you understand the different academic paths at CU Boulder that can help you meet your goals. 


2. Fill up your free time

How you choose to spend your time outside of classes can help you determine plans for the future. Getting involved allows you to try different things and get a sense of what you like or don’t like. 


For example, many student organizations have different roles and positions for students to fill. These can include roles in event planning, marketing, leadership and more. Consider different roles you could take on to discover if it’s something you enjoy.


Getting involved can also help you develop professional skills and gain experience for your resume. Consider volunteering in your free time, joining a student organization or finding a part-time job through Handshake this year.


3. Get advice from experts

As you explore and get involved on campus, remember that there are people here to help you in your journey. 


It’s never too early to connect with Career Services, even if you're in your first year at CU Boulder. Peer career advisors can help you explore options and share additional resources during an express appointment. Or if you prefer to virtually drop in, you can attend office hours which doesn’t require an appointment. 


You also have an assigned academic advisor who is dedicated to helping you plan for graduation and identify what courses fulfill requirements. Advisors help you to explore your options and personalize your CU Boulder academic experience. Plan to meet with your advisor at least once a semester to stay on track.


For more tips, check out weekly programs and workshops from Career Services. These free workshops share info on getting career reading in your first year at CU, industry trends and more.


College to Career Journey
The College to Career journey is a suggested timeline that sets you up for success during and after college. No matter where you are in your journey, check out activities and resources to help you achieve your professional goals.