Academic Advising Group PhotoAcademic advising is a critical component in the success of undergraduate students. Its goal is to assist students in creating and achieving educational, career and life goals. Advising is more than offering information about academic courses and programs; it also involves encouraging students to formulate important questions about the nature and direction of their education. Advisors help students to explore their options and personalize their academic experience.

Advising Centers

There are several advising centers across the Boulder campus, primarily housed in colleges and schools. Academic advisors are professional staff or faculty members who have an expertise in navigating the entire curriculum and in developing mentoring relationships with students. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once each semester. Each advising center offers drop-in availability from 1:00 – 3:00pm on Mondays, which offers a great opportunity for students to explore interests in any college or school.


    College of Arts & Sciences 

    Serving students pursuing the natural sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

    • Location: Woodbury 109
    • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm
    • Contact the Academic Advising Center at 303-492-7885

    Leeds School of Business 

    Serving students pursuing accounting, finance, management and marketing.

    • Location: Koelbel S210
    • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm
    • Office Hours Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
    • Contact Leeds Academic Advising at 303-492-6515

    Continuing Education 

    Serving non-degree students as well as any student interested in online or evening courses.

    • Location: 1505 University Avenue, Boulder, CO 80309
    • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm
    • Contact a Continuing Education Advisor at 303-492-5148

    School of Education 

    Serving students pursuing Bachelor of Arts in elementary education, Bachelor of Arts in leadership and community engagement, education minor, leadership studies minor and teacher licensure.

    • Location: EDUC 151
    • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm
    • Contact the Office of Student Services at 303-492-6555

    College of Engineering and Applied Science

    Serving students pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in various engineering fields, computer science (B.S.), applied sciences, technology, arts and media.

    • Location: Engineering Center, ECAD 100
    • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3 pm
    • Contact CEAS Academic Advising at 303-492-5071

    Environment, Sustainability & Design

    Serving students pursuing design studies or architecture, planning & landscape, geography and environmental studies.

    • Location: Environmental Design Building
    • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm
    • Contact the advising team at at 303-492-8010

      University Exploration and Advising Center

      Serving first-year students who are exploring across all colleges on campus.

      • Location: Regent Hall 1B29
      • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm

          College of Media, Communication and Information

          Serving students pursuing advertising, PR and media design; communication; critical media practices; information science; intermedia art, writing and performance; journalism; and media studies.

          • Location: Armory 1B13
          • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm

          College of Music

          Serving students pursuing music and music performance.

          • Location: Imig Music Building C-109
          • Drop-ins every Monday 1-3pm
          • Contact the Undergraduate Studies Office at 303-492-6354