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School of Education advising team
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University Exploration and Advising Center advising team
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College of Music advising
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Student Academic Success Center

Academic advising is a critical component in the success of undergraduate students. Its goal is to assist students in creating and achieving educational, career and life goals. Advising is more than offering information about academic courses and programs; it also involves encouraging students to formulate important questions about the nature and direction of their education. Advisors help students to explore their options and personalize their academic experience.

Advising and Student Support Centers

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First Year Advising

Ralphie’s Advising Help Lab
Provides academic advice to any CU Boulder undergraduate student

There are several advising and student support centers across the Boulder campus; some are housed within one of the colleges and schools and others are stand-alone programs. Support services vary but include academic advising, academic coaching, and overall academic support. Advisors are professional staff or faculty members who have an expertise in navigating the entire curriculum and in developing mentoring relationships with students. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once each semester. Each advising center offers drop-in availability from 1-3 p.m. on Mondays during fall and spring semesters when classes are in session, which offers a great opportunity for students to explore interests in any college or school.