Class of 2023

Congratulations on your graduation! When you started attending CU, you paid a confirmation deposit and now it will be returned to you, less any balance due you might owe. Refunds will be issued over the summer about eight weeks after commencement.

Help us get your money to you!

  • Set up direct deposit in Buff Portal now if you haven't done it yet.
  • If you already set it up before, double-check your routing and account numbers so your money gets to you.
  • When you're in Buff Portal, look for "Direct Deposit for Tuition & Fee Refunds."

Thank you and best of luck!

When You Graduate

If you are a new student or new transfer student, please log in to your application at and pay the confirmation deposit there.

Your confirmation deposit will be refunded about eight weeks after graduation, less any outstanding charges.

If You Withdraw or Take a Leave of Absence

If you withdraw by established deadlines, the confirmation deposit will be applied to any outstanding charges first, which may include a withdrawal fee. The remainder will be refunded to you about 6–8 weeks after your withdrawal. Upon returning to CU, you will need to pay the confirmation deposit again before you can register for classes. 

If You Are a New Student and Do Not Attend Classes

New, readmitted and transfer students who do not attend classes forfeit the confirmation deposit and are not eligible for a refund.

If You Return to CU

Because you receive your confirmation deposit back when you take a break from school (whether it is applied to outstanding charges on your bill or refunded), you need to pay it again if you decide to return.

If you are a new student or new transfer student, do not pay the confirmation deposit here. Please log in to your application at and pay.
  1. Make sure your IdentiKey is activated.
  2. Log in to Buff Portal.
  3. Locate the Tuition & Fees card and click on the overflow menu (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner).
  4. Click "Confirmation Deposit."
  5. Click "Pay Deposit" and follow the instructions to complete your payment.