J. Fitzgerald Pickens II  | Contact Info

Honolulu, Hawaii (Raised in Little Rock, AR)

Fitzgerald is a Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts with a minor in Ethnic Studies and a Certificate in Writing. He also works in the Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts department as a Projectionist.

He is a writer and filmmaker who thoroughly enjoys being active, reading, producing music and graphic design. He has also served as a Facilitator/Visiting Artist with non-profit organizations in Denver, CO. His mission is to enrich the quality of life for black-identifying students on CU's campus by creating better opportunities for engagement, social action and community service, as well developing programming that allows CU Students to enjoy their college experience.

Fitzgerald initially joined the BSA to connect with other black students on campus, but has recognized a deep need for increasing equity and resources offered to black students on campus. He believes that CU should be working with its constituents (black students, staff and faculty) to build frameworks that improve the university's outreach to black communities, that improve enrollment and that expands resources on-campus to ensure all black students have access to resources that conform to black studetns' personal, cultural and social needs.

*Fitzgerald has served two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and is a Disabled Veteran.

President | Black Student Alliance ’19-20
Member | Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. SUM ’19
Mentor | boys2MEN Leadership Summit Summer ’19
Grillo Award Recipient | FILM 2500 - SPR ‘19
Grillo Award Recipient | FILM 2000 - FALL ‘18