Be Boulder.

University of Colorado Boulder Black Student Alliance

As students, we have developed distinct values, beliefs and behaviors, which greatly benefit our campus. This collective consciousness enables our community and helps define our own identity as Black & underrepresented students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The Black Student Alliance is an organization that serves as an advocate of the African/African American/ Black and entire underrepresented voice on campus and wishes to expose all students, faculty, and staff of the University of Colorado Boulder to new ideas and experiences in order to create positive change.


While our mission is to sustain a safe space for African/ African American/ Black students, BSA is open to ALL students of the University of Colorado Boulder who are sincerely interested in the Mission of the Black Student Alliance. You do not have to be Black or African American. Membership is FREE, there are NO dues, NO application, and NO waiting period.

Email and DM us down below, or slide through a meeting.