Article VII. Elections

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Section I. Eligibility

All Voting Members who have attended a minimum of 2 full semesters at the University of Colorado Boulder, have attended at least 80% of the events hosted by the Black Student Alliance (not including general meetings), and have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average are eligible to hold office in Black Student Alliance. All members nominated for an office position must attend one of three offered officer-training meetings to be held before May 1st. Any CU Boulder student in good standing with the Black Student Alliance can run for President or Vice President. There are no limits to the number of terms an officer may serve.

Section II. Nomination Procedure

    Nominations may be made by any of the membership. Candidates for office may nominate themselves. Nominations will be accepted at least one month prior to Election Day and must be presented to officer team, advisor(s), previous officers and/or faculty and staff.

    Section III. Election Procedure

    Election of new officers will be held in April each academic year. Proof of candidate’s eligibility must be submitted to officer team prior to Election Day. Non-returning officers and the Black Student Alliance's advisors will elect candidates. There must be at least one President positions up for running during each election and new term.

    Section IV. Appointments

    Should an office other than the Presidency become vacant, appointing a Voting Member who meets the eligibility requirements as stated in Article IX. Section I. of this constitution may fill the vacancy. An appointment is made by a three-fourths vote of the officer team.

    Section V. Term of Office

    Terms of office are one academic year durations beginning one month following elections.