CU Boulder to go to iGEM

Oct. 17, 2013

CU-Boulder Student Team Wows Judges at Premiere Biology Competition When this year’s iGEM team at the University of Colorado Boulder began meeting early this year, they wanted to take what they knew about biology, and use it to build something entirely new. iGEM, or International Genetically Engineered Machine , is...

Nora Connor is a third-year graduate student in the IQ Biology program.

IQ Biology Blog: On the leading edge

Sept. 6, 2013

Studying Quantitative Genomics in Italy By: Nora Connor I returned this past weekend from a conference and workshop called Quantitative Laws of Genome Evolution in Lake Como, Italy. An Italian physicist named Marco Lagomarsino created the conference, which brought together an interdisciplinary group of statistical physicists, biophysicists, chemists and biologists...

The hammerhead ribozyme in the Ireland Botanical National Gardens.

IQ Biology Blog: Understanding RNA

July 16, 2013

The newly constructed structure in the National Botanical Gardens in Ireland, meant to symbolize the flow of information from DNA to RNA and proteins, contains a representation of the DNA double helix, a ribosome, and thehammerhead ribozyme. Sculptures of the DNA helix have been constructed all over the world ;...

A cardiomyocyte imaged by the BioFrontiers Advanced Imaging Facility.

BioFrontiers Scientist Tackles a Childhood Disease of the Heart

Feb. 27, 2013

BioFrontiers scientist tackles a childhood disease of the heart BioFrontiers Chief Scientific Officer Leslie Leinwand, has been studying the motor protein, myosin, for 25 years. This important protein is responsible for making muscles contract, including one vital muscle: your heart. Myosin drives heart muscle contraction, and when this protein is...

Ryan tends to a tranquilized bear during field work in Missouri.

IQ Bio Blog: Interdisciplinarity on Steroids

Feb. 6, 2013

IQ Bio Blog: Interdisciplinarity on Steroids by: Ryan Langendorf At my last mentoring committee meeting, after discussing the tug-of-war that the Environmental Studies and IQ Biology programs have been playing with my schedule, Dr. Brett Melbourne paused and quietly commented that my life is “interdisciplinarity on steroids!” We all laughed,...

Leslie Leinwand, MCDB Professor and BioFrontiers Intitute Chief Scientific Officer

BioFrontiers scientist eyes heart disease treatment

Feb. 5, 2013

CU professor co-founds new company to develop genetic heart disease treatment A new biomedical company involving the University of Colorado Boulder, Stanford University and the Harvard Medical School has been launched with $38 million in financing from Third Rock Ventures LLC headquartered in Boston and San Francisco to develop therapeutic...

Biofrontiers scientist Robin Dowell has a vision of understanding how genes affect disease susceptibility. Credit: G. Asakawa

Genotypes, phenotypes, alternators and faulty wiring

Nov. 19, 2012

Genotypes, phenotypes, alternators and faulty wiring Robin Dowell understands machines of all kinds. The MCD Biology assistant professor and BioFrontiers faculty member has been restoring old cars since she was 14 years old. She rebuilt her first engine with her dad, who is a petroleum engineer. It was a 1977...

Lauren Shoemaker is a second-year graduate student in the IQ Biology program.

IQ Bio Blog: Night at the Museum

Nov. 8, 2012

Night at the Museum: With the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology The kickoff for the 72 nd Annual Meeting for the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology was the night of October 17 th —that’s right, the meeting began on National Fossil Day. To be honest, I didn’t know that there was such...

Telomeres sit at the ends of chromosomes to protect their genetic data. Credit: Jane Ades, NHGRI

BioFrontiers researchers uncover new target for cancer research

Oct. 24, 2012

In a new paper released today in Nature , BioFrontiers Institute scientists at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Tom Cech and Leslie Leinwand, detailed a new target for anti-cancer drug development that is sitting at the ends of our DNA. Researchers in the two scientists’ laboratories collaborated to find...

The JSCBB is home to the BioFrontiers Institute. Image by Devan Gomez

JSCBB earns LEED platinum rating

Oct. 24, 2012

JSCBB earns LEED platinum rating The University of Colorado Boulder’s Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology building has received a LEED platinum rating -- the highest possible evaluation -- from the United States Green Building Council. The 336,800-square-foot research and teaching facility opened in April on the university’s east campus. More than...