Agilent Technologies

Premier Laboratory Partner for a Better World

Analytical scientists and clinical researchers worldwide rely on Agilent to help fulfill their most complex laboratory demands. Our instruments, software, services and consumables address the full range of scientific and laboratory management needs—so our customers can do what they do best: improve the world around us.

Whether a laboratory is engaged in environmental testing, academic research, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals or food testing, Agilent provides laboratory solutions to meet their full spectrum of needs. We work closely with customers to help address global trends that impact human health and the environment, and to anticipate future scientific needs. Our solutions improve the efficiency of the entire laboratory, from sample prep to data interpretation and management.

Customers trust Agilent for solutions that enable insights...for a better world.

Contact: 800-227-9770

Double Helix Optics

See Like No Other

Double Helix is a team of top talent from a range of fields coming together to advance discovery and research in precision 3D nano-imaging. We have recognized world experts in super-resolution, first-rate engineers in optics, 3D imaging, software,and advisors from the research and business world. We are experts in our fields, collaborators in others, and excited by discovery.


Eliminating Barriers to Global Vaccination.  VitriVax, Inc. is a formulation technology company engineering innovative solutions to maximize global accessibility and utility of human and animal vaccines – vaccines that save lives and protect our world from preventable disease.

Matt Raider – CEO

Robert Garcea, MD – Co-founder

Theodore Randolph, PhD – Co-founder

Phone: +1-303-578-2113

Darwin Biosciences

We create accessible diagnostics for the early detection of disease.

Our team is composed of experts in the fields of infectious disease, immunology, molecular biology, and healthcare product design. We have extensive experience analyzing human saliva to detect signatures of infectious disease, with a focus on pre-symptomatic detection of infection.

Darwin Biosciences was founded in March of 2020. We leveraged our expertise in handling and processing human saliva to quickly develop and deploy a turnkey solution to SARS-CoV-2 testing (article) that propelled us through an initial growth phase. We have now turned our focus to developing a next-generation diagnostic platform to prepare the world for the next pandemic. We’re equipped with technology licensed from the University of Colorado Boulder.


Modendo develops ultrathin endomicroscopes that provide high-resolution optical imaging and photo-stimulation in currently inaccessible regions of the body. Modendo’s disruptive technology, developed by experts in the optics and neuroscience community, offers a new class of fundamentally less invasive optical imaging probes.


Prohibix LLC

Local treatment of tissues to improve patient lives.

Prohibix is an early-stage company developing injectable therapeutics that stop the progression of tissue degenerative diseases and preserve quality of life. Our mission is to treat these diseases early through minimally invasive procedures in order to prevent the need for more invasive surgical interventions.

Silvis Materials

The leap to environmentally sound materials.

Silvis is creating bio-based emulsions to replace petroleum materials in coatings, adhesives, binders, and paints. Just about every piece of plastic begins as a fossil fuel, with greenhouse gases emitted at every step of the way.  Silvis is working on a lower cost, sustainable and bio-degradable emulsion platform which can be used in multiple applications for a variety of markets. 

Petroleum is a component of plastics that exist in all these products, and GHGs are not the only pollutant. The extensive use of plastics in almost everything we touch ends up in our landfills and oceans. Silvis believes they can help cleanup parts of the whole pollution chain, reducing landfill pollution and chemical waste in our waterways.