Esteban Rozen portrait
Program Manager
Crnic Institute Boulder Branch

Esteban Rozen, PhD is the Program Manager for the Crnic Institute Boulder Branch (CBB), a BioFrontiers Institute research unit focused on the mechanisms underlying Down syndrome-associated co-morbidities. The CBB is led by Prof. Mary Ann Allen and constituted by 8 laboratories across CU Boulder. Esteban’s job is to oversee and integrate all the administrative, academic, and scientific duties to make the band sound in tune. To this end he leverages his creativity, hard work and multidisciplinary skills, as well as his aptitudes for communication and management. He has a passion for science and an extensive expertise in signaling and transcriptional regulation, in fields from developmental biology to immunology, and from pediatric cancer to Down syndrome research. Esteban majored in Molecular Biology back in Argentina and then moved to Spain to get a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. He received postdoctoral training for several years at the UMass Chan Medical School in Massachusetts before settling in Colorado. At a personal level, he enjoys (trail) running, hiking, and riding his bikes, whenever he is not spending time with his two buddies/sons.