Published: Aug. 14, 2017
Graduate Research Assistant Giancarlo Bruni

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has announced today the 2017 Gilliam Fellowship awardees—exceptional doctoral students who have the potential to be leaders in their fields as well as the desire to advance diversity and inclusion in the sciences. CU Boulder Graduate Research Assistant Giancarlo Bruni is one of 39 recipients. 

Bruni is currently pursuing a PhD in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology on the topic of bacterial electrophysiology. Prior to starting his graduate work at CU Boulder, he held research positions at Teleos Therapeutics and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Bruni also serves as a mentor to underrepresented groups through CU Boulder's SMART program, a 10-week summer session that helps level the playing field for underserved students who have not had the opportunity to participate in authentic research. He also worked with undergraduate students through the Colorado Advantage Program, encouraging them to pursue a graduate education by discussing his own experiences as a CU Boulder graduate student.

Read the HHMI news release published today.