Biochemistry majors interested in joining a health profession should follow the Biochemistry major sequence beginning with CHEM 1400/1401 (Foundations of Chemistry 1 & Lab).

Pre-health students are generally required to take two courses with associated labs in General Chemistry. If this pertains to the health profession you have chosen, we recommend that you complete one of the following options in addition to the Biochemistry major requirements:

Option 1: CHEM1133/1134 General Chemistry 2 with Lab  (5 credits) 
Students are eligible to enroll in CHEM 1133/1134 in any Fall or Spring semester after taking CHEM 1400/1401


Option 2: CHEM 2100/2101 Foundation of Chemistry 2 and Lab (5 credits)
Students are eligible to enroll in CHEM 2100/2101 in any Spring semester after taking Organic Chemistry 2 and Calculus 2. Please note that this course is only offered in the Spring Semester.

Please refer to the flowchart below for a sample sequence. Click here to download the flowchart.

flow chart