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Biochemistry Program for Research Exploration and Planning
(Biochem PREP)

Biochem Prep ObjectivesThe Department of Biochemistry encourages undergraduate students to become engaged in research opportunities on campus. To show our support, the department has developed the Biochemistry Research Prep Program to achieve four objectives.

Program Mission

Biochem PREP is focused on developing first and second year student interest and engagement in undergraduate research. The program is designed to present participants with mentorship and opportunities to identify whether research is an opportunity students wish to participate in, and if so, get students connected to potential research opportunities. Participants will be provided with a cohort of their peers to explore and plan for research together through preparation workshops, research information sessions, mentorship, and lab technique training. The ultimate goal of the program is for participants to understand their research interests, possess the necessary skills to identify and obtain a research opportunity, and develop community with their peers and the Department of Biochemistry at large.