Published: Oct. 7, 2022

Norlin LibraryAt the October 6, 2022 BFA General Assembly meeting, members voted to support the CUSG resolution 97 LCR 08 asking the Board of Regents to ban "concealed carry" rights on CU campuses. The measure was introduced at the September meeting for review and at last night's meeting members voted 46 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention to approve BFA support. CUSG will formally introduce the resolution to the Regents this month. 

The meeting began with a conversation with C.U. President Todd Saliman who spoke with members regarding several areas including faculty salary and pay issues and inflation, state funding and outreach issues that impact C.U.'s budget, and the importance of belonging for all campus members. There was also discussion related to the cost of the C.U. football coach contract buyout, athletics revenue impacts from a possible conference change and the large outstanding debt held by C.U. Boulder athletics. 

There were also presentations by Katherine Eggert, Sr. Vice Provost and A.V.C. of Academic Planning and Assessment along with Daryl Maeda, Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education regarding the proposed Common Curriculum. The final proposal by the Common Curriculum committee was submitted to Provost Moore on Thursday, and will be on the committee's webpage soon. Along with faculty approval from each college and school (except Law), BFA representatives will also vote on the proposal per Regent Law requirements of faculty approval of curriculum. The BFA will be hosting a special session on Thursday, October 20 from 4-5 pm via Zoom to delve deeper into the proposal and it's impacts for implementation. The session will be open to all campus faculty. More information will be posted on the BFA website and sent to BFA representatives. BFA Chair Tiffany Beechy introduced BFA-R-3-100222 A Resolution Concerning a Campus Common Curriculum. The resolution will be under review for thirty days and is scheduled for a vote at the BFA November 3rd General Assembly meeting. 

Janet Casagrand, Chair of Administrative Services & Technology Committee (ASTC) along with Orrie Gartner, A.V.C and Deputy CIO updated members on several tech issues that impact faculty including: 

Rolf Norgaard, Chair of the Instructor Track Faculty Affairs Committee (ITFAC) introduced to pieces of legislation to members. The first motion will formally change the committee name to Teaching Faculty Affairs Committee (TFAC) along with some small updates in membership and language. Additionally, the committee is introducing a resolution to require campus units to pay a salary increment to base upon promotion to teaching faculty. Members are asked to share both items with their constituents and are under review for thirty days. Any feedback, questions, etc. can be emailed to or

The meeting was extended by ten minutes in order for a final presentation by Lori Call, AVC Government and Community Outreach, and Derek Silva, AVC Business Strategy on the upcoming referendum for CU Boulder South. The presentation was on the project history only since CU is not allowed to lobby around the measure. Call and Silva encouraged membes to review information provided on the upcoming referendum for full details.


The BFA General Assembly's next meeting is on Thursday, November 3, 2022 from 4-5:30 via Zoom. A meeting summary is sent to members the Tuesday following Assembly, and Meeting Minutes are sent the last Friday of the month. For any questions on BFA business or for BFA Chair Tiffany Beechy, please email: