Zack Weaver
Teaching Assistant Professor • Director, BTU Lab
ATLAS Institute

As an ATLAS PhD student in 2014, Zack Weaver helped establish the BTU Lab. In 2015, he left ATLAS to work for an electronics company he co-founded while a student at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2017, he was appointed as co-director of the Boulder Public Library's BLDG 61, a maker space that has received national recognition for helping pioneer the incorporation of similar facilities into public libraries around the country. Zack taught undergraduate and graduate classes for ATLAS for two years as a lecturer before joining the full-time faculty in October 2022. An evangelist for the role maker spaces can play in learning and community building, Zack has a dynamic vision for the role of the BTU Lab in the ATLAS community. Zack earned a BFA from the University of Michigan and an MS in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University. His passion for equity and accessibility in hands-on learning drive him to advocate nationally for public access to technological literacy. 

The Joy of Learning and Creating: The Rise of Maker Spaces (KGNU)
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