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Session 1

Saturday, May 1, 9 – 11 am MT   

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Karen Crofton is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at the College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU Boulder and active startup investor. Karen was previously a Principal at the Rocky Mountain Institute dedicated to the transformation of energy systems. She also spent 15 years at Air Products & Chemicals in roles from Project Management and Product Innovation to Corporate New Business Development and was a founding member of a Joint Venture focused on Facility Construction. She holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University, an MBA from Rice University, and a master’s in Data Analytics from CU Boulder.  Karen has also been a Lecturer at the Leeds School of Business (CU Boulder), was on the Board of Rice University (2014-2020) and was on the City of Boulder’s Environmental Advisory Board (2015-2020).

Cassandra Goodby is currently a Design Technologist at Amazon and an B.S. and M.S. alumni in Creative Technology & Design at the ATLAS Institute of CU-Boulder. Cassandra specializes in utilizing user experience design thinking to engineer, prototype and test meaningful and inclusive experiences through technology.

Project Student(s) Description Watch the Video


Jack LeGrone Visier is a variable font designed for visual dyslexic symptoms which allows users to tailor their readability solution to their own needs. Watch
PEERbots Allison Roten and Danielle Sidi PEERbots are socially assistive robots, which help build social behavior skills for autistic children. The app includes a controller that is used by a parent or therapist, and a robot face that can be put inside a body for the child to interact with. We redesigned the interface for the controller. Watch
Fiona and Friends: School of Senses Nicole Leon and Emily Moore Fiona and Friends: School of Senses is a tactile children’s book created with the intent of fostering engagement and relationships between sighted and visually impaired elementary students. Watch
Confidant Victoria Rios Confidant is an interactive photography book that helps spread self-love and confidence. My project combines the words “confident” which is having trust in yourself, and “confidante” which is a person you can put your trust in; to help people realize that being confident is about finding a friend within themselves. Watch
Peekaboo Rooftop Tent Andre Gruber, Henry Kvietok and Landis Hennessy A rooftop tent designed specifically for adventurers with compact cars. It is lightweight, expandable, small-footprint, and aerodynamic Watch
Boxly Sharing Assistant Mason C. Moran Boxly is a remote sharing assistant that helps students collaborate and interact with one another in ways more akin to pre-pandemic times. Watch
Abiogenesis Jack Plantz Abiogenesis is a series of 3d printed hanging lights created using  generative design techniques inspired by natural phenomena. Through this medium, it explores the relationship between nature, engineering, and art. Watch
4ALL Haley Thompson 4ALL is an exploration of what the ideal shopping experience could be for disabled individuals where everything from the product to the web store are accessible as the rule and not the exception. To do this, I created an assortment of jewelry with accessibility modifications built in and displayed them in an online store format that’s coded accessibly for those specific requirements. Watch


Session 2

Saturday, May 1, 11 am - 12:30 pm MT

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Ryan Viglizzo is Director of Design at Summit Health and former Director of Design for Mount Sinai. He is a designer, musician, and ultra-distance athlete. As an interaction/service designer with 12+ years of experience, he has launched 22+ digital and physical products in spaces of health, social impact, and mass-market consumer electronics. Previously, Ryan has worked at PARC, Ammunition Group, Frog Design, T4D (a lab focused on designs for social good), and Databetes (A start-up focused on digital health for type 1 diabetics- acquired by Dexcom). His most recent work has been focused on improving the patient/provider/researcher experience inside of large health systems.

Megan Leahy Friesth earned a BA in Integrative Physiology and a MS in CTD, both from CU. She found a way to combine these two disciplines by creating educational animations. Currently employed at DaVita Kidney Care, Megan writes, illustrates and animates educational animations to empower patients to take control of their health. She teaches online motion design classes and created an iOS app, called Skipping Skills, to teach jump rope skills to aspiring young athletes.

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FlaVR Labs Interactive Eating Plate Michael Morris The FlaVR Labs Interactive Eating Plate is the creation of an interactive eating plate designed to help parents get their picky eaters (aged 4-10) to eat a full range of nutritious food without struggle by creating external motivational factors for kids while also gamifying the eating process. Watch
FlaVR Labs Hydration Tracking Water Bottle Max Kitay The FlaVR Labs bottle is meant to encourage healthy hydration habits through periodic reminders to hydrate via LED illumination plus digital taste enhancement capabilities via electrode stimulation of the tongue, concentrated aroma release, and LED color change. Watch
Innovative Orthodontics Monica Chairez Innovative Orthodontics is a collection of 3D models of teeth that will be used for skills development of students at a cheaper price. Watch
Sleeptight Erik Krummrich For many people around the world grinding their teeth is a major health disorder. The current one size fits all solutions don’t help most patients and with our new wearable tech device we could ease the pain of many people around the globe in a non invasive way by stimulating their jaw muscles to relax from outside their mouth. Watch
Paint by Mood Fernanda Villalobos Paint by Mood is a meditative website that aims to quickly improve your mood by generating an interactive surprise paint by number, playing music and displaying quotes, all correlating to how you’re feeling. Watch


Session 3

Saturday, May 1, 12:30 - 3 pm

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Matt Dickey is a CTD/ATLAS alum and experienced Full Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in marketing and non-profit industries. Skilled in PHP, WordPress, React, Vue and Server Administration.

Tyler Benari is the head of UX at TechSoup Global, an international collaboration of nonprofit technology providers. He works with tech companies and foundations to create online solutions to empower major philanthropic efforts from big tech companies to the nonprofit sector. He has worked with teams at places like Google, Microsoft, AirBnB, Zoom, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Joana Kelly is the COO at Small Planet, where she helps teams create award-winning digital products for clients like Disney, NPD Group, and Planned Parenthood. Her work has earned the Communication Arts Magazine​ Award of Excellence and the Fast​ Company Innovation By Design Award, been featured on the App Store and Google Play, and ​ been downloaded millions of times. Joana has guest lectured at the School of Visual Arts and taught at Parsons The New School for Design. She received her undergraduate degree from New York University and holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design.

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Projecting Acceptance  Sarah MacDonald and Aidan Quade In order to address the issue of Addiction in Colorado and the stigma surrounding it, we created an animation with the intent of being projection mapped onto the Daniels Fischer Tower in Denver for a public display. The animation is an abstract representation of how addiction can become worse if individuals are ostracized from the community, and how inclusivity helps to support addict’s recovery. There is also a website link shown in the presentation that contains local resources for substance abusers or loved ones hoping to help. Watch
Soapbox Meganne Jimenez and Melanie Chavez

Soapbox is a digital platform for capturing first hand accounts of complex global issues in a way that is immediate, informative, and impactful.

Collectiviz Mckenna Brewer, Ben Goldin and Damean Rittman Collectiviz’s mission is to ease prospective and current students' concerns about the CTD career prospect via a website that facilitates career data collection and visualization. Watch
Regenerating Colorful Colorado Anna Lyton Most media regarding climate change is overwhelming and leaves people feeling hopeless rather than inspired to take action. The solutions to climate change already exist, and now we must focus on widespread implementation. Regenerating Colorful Colorado is an interactive data visualization and art piece that explores the importance of regenerative agricultural practices here in Colorado as a climate solution and inspires residents to take action. Watch
In-Between & Outside Victoria Verch In-Between & Outside aims to change the way we view gender conforming stereotypes within the clothing industry. Through building a community that values the freedom of self-expressive style. Watch
ULOOP Talia Krause Uloop is an audio production platform that creates an accessible music-making environment and empowers interested nonmusicians to engage in music production. Uloop utilizes a program called Max/MSP in communication with Arduino to create an interactive and tactile interface. This highly approachable system allows users to “play” in an environment that is less intimidating than a digital audio workstation program. Watch
Time to Consider Destin Woods Time to consider is an auto-destructive art piece meant to give a qualitative aspect to time via quantitative means. This clock allows the observer to evaluate the time they spend in the virtual world versus reality. Watch
Mountain Mxmas Lili Cushing-Quevli and Sophia Eisner Mountain Mxmas is a social networking app created with the intent to help increase diversity in the outdoor community. Watch


Session 4

Saturday, May 1, 3 - 4:30 pm

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Matt Sisson spends his days bringing ideas to life through his studio, Stellar Factory. Recent adventures include designing and producing tabletop games and creating handcrafted escape room experiences. Following his passion for play and his creative instinct, Matt has shipped unique and engaging products all over the world for over a decade.

Zhenghua Yang (Z) is the founder of Serenity Forge, a value-driven video game development company in Boulder, CO. Having built his first computer at the age of 6 and programmed his first video game at the age of 10, Z wanted more and began exploring gamification in the early 2000’s. Since then, Z had created video games that saved peoples’ lives by preventing suicide, “tricked” kids into learning rocket science, and inspired gamers to turn enemies into friends. Z is a TEDx speaker and holds many awards in business and design; his art and games have reached fans around the world and have been exhibited at museums such as the Smithsonian Institution & Denver Botanic Gardens. In 2020, Z was selected to the class of Forbes 30 Under 30.

Project Student(s) Description Watch the Video
The Eye of The Beholder Hunter Allen and Perry Owens The Eye of the Beholder is an RPG game using a DIY controller that emphasizes using hand gestures to involve the player in interactive dialogue and engaging combat. Watch
New Age Arcade Kendal Smith From a physical standpoint, the new age arcade is a replica of the arcade game Asteroids made in p5.js, controlled by an arduino controller, with the ability to be projection mapped to any unique space. With the use of instructional videos I have created, the user has the ability to create their very own new age arcade in their own home! Watch
Project Buffalo Emily Lee, Harrison Bolin and Noelle Ireland Project Buffalo is an interactive, multimedia experience game, where players will shift between 1990s style websites and modern sites, collecting clues, solving puzzles, and reading through the story of the AURA club and the Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial studies. Watch
Typhlo Rhys Rueffert Typhlo is a game controller that uses haptic feedback to augment the experience of low vision gamers. Theseus is a sample game for typhlo: Thesues is an audio-haptic rogue-like that challenges the player to descend five levels of the labyrinth. Watch
Tete a Tete Ashleigh Salazar An art history-based board game that allows players to actively engage with the stories, themes and people behind the Rococo art period. Watch
Spooked! Colin Soguero, Dylan Turner and Zayna Sheikh A multiplayer couch co-op game focused on teamwork and emergent player experiences where you and your team of amateur ghost hunters travel to a haunted island to catch some pesky ghosts. Watch