by Jason Gnerre and Bryan Chi Hun Lai

Recurrent is an immersive, communal environment that utilizes augmented reality, spatialized audio, and projection mapping to create connection in an estranged world and bring awareness to the temporal nature of our existence.

This work was made possible through the B2 Creative Residency Program. Learn more here.

Jason Gnerre

Jason Gnerre is a visual artist, software developer, and technologist focused on harnessing the potential of extended reality technologies. He teaches immersive media production for the Department of Critical Media Practices at CU Boulder and is CEO and Cofounder of Reality Mint, an XR production studio. His recent work explores the effects of collaborative and persistent experiences in augmented reality spaces.

Bryan Chi Hun Lai

Bryan Chi Hun Lai is a multi-disciplinary artist from Hong Kong who is passionate about bridging the gaps between xr, music production and cinematography to create cultural works that promote a deeper appreciation on how we interact with our environment and space.