Songs of Humpback Whales and the Sounds of Humans

by Jo Marras Tate

Humanature Relationships during the Anthropause is a moving, interactive installation using spatial audio, motion capture and 360-degree video projection to investigate and display the impact of sound pollution on whale communication

This work was made possible through the B2 Creative Residency Program. Learn more here.

About the Artists

Joanne Marras Tate ("Jo") (she/her)

Jo (PhD) is a postdoctoral teaching fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is a scholar and multimedia creator from Brazil. Her background is in Marine Biology, Psychobiology, and Media and Communication. Jo is a naturalist and conservationist passionate about science communication and arts to open dialogue and inspire change. She’s involved with different organizations including Fiske Planetarium's SciDome, Inland Ocean Coalition, and SciAll.

Roberto Azaretto

Roberto Azaretto is a media artist and composer from Buenos Aires. He uses code to mediate sound, images, and words, deployed through ordering criteria that can veer from highly systematic to manifestly arbitrary. Research interests include notions such as agency, nature or mechanism, and the transformations that they have experienced in the history of Western culture.

Steven Frost (they/them)

Steven Frost (they/them) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media Studies at CU Boulder and an interdisciplinary fiber artist. Their research focuses on textiles, queer studies, pop culture, and community development in public spaces.